Friday, July 13, 2012

Kollimalai, Namakkal District

Amazing Trek in Kolli Hills...........
      I was trying to check for the places to Trek and i was swimming in Google to see the places to where would be the best place for a Thrilling Trek.  One day i got an idea for going Kollimalai which is near by Namakkal (Tamil Nadu).  So from that moment i started taking the informations of the people who had previously went there before, so that i can get a clear picture to travel the Trek.

     Google is the one where find anything which we want to search....... I got all the details for a safe Trekking through a different path and with a hard Trek.  I found that there are two Siddhars on the way of Kollimalai Trekking (1. Korakkar Cave, 2. Pamban Cave) so that was my ultimate goal to see those place to get the blessings from them which was a wholy place.  So finally i decided to start alone from my office in a weekend and fixed a date to travel.

     I was planning to have the Trek on other route which is a very less distance to reach the top of Kollimalai (18 kms Trek) but for that we need to pass a heavy hard Trek on Trees, Bushes, River, Rocks, Forest Ants, Thick Climbers, Scating Rocks in water are more and more important .00001 % of people might be seen on that route for the Trek and specially we can visit those 2 Siddhars too on this route.  So this made me very very challenging one to accept the pain to achieve the result of SUCCESS..........

     New Route : Tambaram => Vizhupuram => Perambalur => Thuraiyur => Puliyancholai (Foothill of Kollimalai)

Travel : Guindy to Perambalur:
     On 8th June 2012, Friday i packed my Camera (Canon 1100D), Lens, Dresses, Waterbottle, First Aid Kit, Paste, Brush etc, etc...... and i started from my office around 2 pm from Guindy, Chennai and i got Trichy bus immediately at tat midnight which made me to feel positive vibration that those siddhars are welcoming me from chennai....... Started my travel in bus in front seat which i always use to sit from my childhood to see the route.....  Reached "Perambalur" sharp at 7.30 am (9th June '12), then i refreshed myself and i was expecting someone to respond me to reach the next point "Thuraiyur"........********.......

Travel : Perambalur to Thuraiyur:
   There was many buses for Thuraiyur (Private & Govt.) so i took a bus which started immediately at 8.30 am private bus with good songs playing in bus with a heavy croud and it was a happy moment to travel on standing.  The way which the bus was the state highways with a nice speed + songs.  Inbetween in a college stopping half of the crowd was free in bus since it was a college time travel...... Finally after i reached my point "Thuraiyur" main bus stand at 9.30 am sharp.....

Travel : Thuraiyur to Puliyancholai (Foothill of Kollimalai):
Thuraiyur bus stand somewhat mixed with city and village with nice crowd and a small main bus stand.  There again i was very much excited to reach Puliyancholai bus stand, so i asked the people on nearby shops in bus stand, they said that bus will come sharp at 10.15 am pls wait nu,.... so since tat would be a remote place near the foothill so i again confirmed 3 - 4 people so all said as same as 1st person. So i thought of making my breakfast in a hotel with nice poori which was very nice..... I was very much enthusiastic waiting to see that bus and some expectations was running in my mind (like tat bus would be small or uncleaned or people would run and catch the seats with many luggages, etc., etc.,) I was seeing the time again and again to reach 10.15 and it was 10.20 then i was very shocked whether i missed that bus ah nu, so finally the bus came then i relaxed to see that bus and there was same as i thought, little crowd ran and try to capture their seats so me too did the same so i put my kerchief in front seat which would be visible to see the new to foothill.........

     Near my seat one lady aged around 50 was talking with me and even i asked her about the trekking for Kollihills top via puliyancholai route. She said that if u want to reach the top of this hill by trekking means it will take 3 - 4 days and u should not walk after 4 or 5 on that path, since there would be forest patrol department and might some strangers might attack..... "oh... i shocked after hearing tat" then i asked for reaching that caves and the "Agaya Gangai Falls" travel time, for that she said that u can travel easily with 5 hours and would be safe journey on the path... There would be one way path by the way of that Akasha Gangai River falls down from top........ so i get some more confident on Trekking after her answers and i was exciting to get down to "Puliyancholai"...... Exactly around 11.45 am i reached Puliyancholai which it really rolled on the side road of the hill..... Finally i get down there which was very peacefull and i ahead my head to see the beauty of Kollimalai from that place......... Amazing nature with a good smell, nice breeze (mixture of "Mooligai Trees" contains medicinal plants and trees)

Trekking Starts: Puliyancholai to Akasha Gangai Falls (Kollimalai):

     At the Entrance there was many people walking around with their kids and i took some photos of them and started my Trek.  There was small shops (Fish, Prawn, Koozh, Jackfruits, Mango's for sale and i asked them the route to Trek and they said,........ "hey u cant travel alone and its very difficult and u would be missed anywhere" and i replied "i previously gone many treks so i can reach this too, kindly tel me the divertions for Trek" and they genuinly told me to go only near by the river there would be one way path to reach the top and the caves also.  So i obeyed their words and started walking near the river flow..... it was a Gigantic River flow mixed with rocks inbetween the river and both the sides of borders.......... Many people are enjoying their bath and playing in river with their family....... i was crossing those river and walking through the rocks more than 2 kms and inbetween it made to cross the rivers this side to that and that side to this side........ and i took many photos and videos to capture the sound of the river and the high looking scenery of Kollimalai...... I was very tired on walking in these rocks and crossing the rivers many times... then i found a new path which was entering somewhere into the forest and it was looked like nice path.......

A Major Twist in my Trek:

     So i diverted into that way which was very peaceful and some insects sound and with good smell of leaves....  This route made me to climb the hill faster and i realised tat i've climbing the hill....... after sometime 10 mins later the rivers sound was not hearing and it was a pin drop silence in that way..... that is the place where i felt very much alone but with sunlight and more confidence was only with me walking.  I enjoyed that movement feeling like inside a forest walking alone and with more thrill to see all...... some little fear was hiding inside which i didnt expressed myself bcoz that would not be a support for my travel.  So i was walking and that route joined a new way which was a big river flowing way with big sized rocks and many medium sized rocks but without water and it was a dried place which made me to walk easily by that way........ i thought this will make easily to the top of the hill surely without any forest risk......

     First it was very little slantng walk in that rocks, so i jumped and walked fastly and searching for any snakes are crossing on my way for my photography, but no more...... after sometime some steep rocks and big rocks was on the way which made my Trek harder and slower. Suddenly i found a 15 - 20 feet rock which was very slope and no other way on the side to climb and i stopped and thinking hw to climb this....... then i went near and saw some small place my fingers (not even full hands) to grip and climb and started tat and climbed very slowly,  my hands and legs was shivering but my only aim is to climb and after i climbed tat rock i saw the path which i came which was my 1st toughest trek in my life and tat made me feel proud to move on again to the same way and again like slow slope rocks to walk and run easily to climb and again a steep rocks with maximum of 20 - 25 feet rock to climb without any easy support or grip. 
     The 3rd Rock which was very tough to climb while seeing from bottom and i started to grip on rocks and climbed very slowly and i half climbed and i slipped little but i again hold somewhere which was really a miracle for me how i'm been saved at tat time.  I turned back and i'm sure that i cant get down on the same way wr i climbed this rock if even i jumb i cant land safely below the 10 feet which was watery and was floating so no other go, so only i need to climb anyhow...... at that time i was praying siddhar's pls give me strength and support to climb safely and made my mind set to be strong like thinking some people who cheated me and some failures on my life past which made me anger more and gave me more energy to face that.  I saw that rock as if this is that person or this is my failure i would've beat that right...... the sameway i boosted myself and that made me to climb safely with more energy and i reached the rock safely with a heavy breath.........

     From this i remembered one dialogue from a movie in that, "oru manushan sorvu adaiyumbodhu his mind will be compressed on past feelings or sad happenings or any kind of bad moments but at that time we should set our mind to make that force into a positive vibration which gives more strength and brave to face anykind of danger....." Yes this comments was true for me at that time...... i learnt a lesson on that and i respected those words. 

    The 5th Rock which was very high to climb and not even a single grip to climb and the time was around 4 pm and realised that i climbed around 1000 to 1200 mts above the sea level by seeing the nearby mountains where i was on a high top...... but i didnt heard any river fall sound and i felt might be this would be more danger to climb and would be more risk from this point so i decided to get down from that place and the same point i was thinking how i can get down on those 4 rocks which was very much impossible for me to get down without an experience..... so i directed to the side way of that mountain which was full of lush trees leaves and mullu ched's.  I crossed all those by getting strucked on many climbers and fell down on rocks but without any accident and some climbers locked my legs to fell down with safe and trees scratched my face hands legs and body got wounded and anyway i came safely to the same place where i diverted from the river. 

     I was very very tired and my legs was in a high pain which cant be explained and very hungry too....... so i halted near that river and i put all my things aside and get down into the river and it was very chill chilllllllllllllllllllll and it was very good to take bath on my tiredness........ After my bath really i felt very much effective and brisk and my body pain was little bit reduced bcoz those river is flowing from the top of hill which has mixed of many trees roots power with full of herbal.......... Then i took some Koozh for 3 big glasses which made very tasty and my stomach was full. 

      The Same lady which given me instructions to trek saw me and asked "what yar did u see the temple ? " i said no i was diverted to another route and i said the happenings over there, for that they said "Boss that route makes to go beyond this Hill and it will continue with another hill then u cant climb after a limit.....

     "I replied i was stopped in one place and i returned" then i thought surely for next time i'll come this way and see those place.

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  7. it was really tempting me to give an attempt, however its going to be my first experience, i kindly need advice from u, u can contact me through 9176598567 or

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  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is really good.

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is really good.

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  11. Good to go through your blog ,you said the first time u had aborted and came back to the river,but your second time trekking experience to the gorokar cave and the akasa ganga waterfalls is not written yet?

  12. Good to go through your blog ,you said the first time u had aborted and came back to the river,but your second time trekking experience to the gorokar cave and the akasa ganga waterfalls is not written yet? Sanjeev, Bangalore,9962861826

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